Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Reparations, Dudes From Arkansas

Arkansas dudes.  I love Arkansas dudes. If you aren't familiar with these 3 don't freak out!  Each of them did a video just for you, so that you would be able to better acquaint yourself.  You'll soon see why it's hard to choose just one. 
 And also, this is my favorite album right now.  I absolutely love it.  Can you tell how good this is for me? 

Winston Family Orchestra/Dance, Dance You Fools

We all know and love these guys.  If you do not, you will after you come see them do what they do on April 7.  If you act like you're from Seattle and you refuse to "cut a rug" or "bust a move" you will be banned from any of their future shows.  I'm not sure of this, but be on the safe side.  Bring your dancing shooze.  These motherfuckers will not get on your nerves.

Schweet Eagellll, keepin' it Schweet

Love having these guys on the bill.  Who doesn't love a sick superband?  I once spent an entire day with Alan Wilkins-Disaster.  Mid day I gave someone my keys and ordered them to, "take my car away, please".  And after they refused and then grudgingly agreed, I let them know that "you break you buy".  Many, many drinks and a "take home burger" later, eaten at Pizza D like a mongrel, of course, I was dropped off at my cozy, warm little girl pad nestled in the nooks of Hillcrest. Only to realize I didn't have my keys because I'd sent someone away in my car and my cellphone was dead because I'm a lucky sonofabitch.  So after sleeping on the front porch for a few hours I woke up cold and hungry.  Like any other brilliant thought thinker I broke out the front window of my house, told my roommate that I'd "weighed my options and had made a sound adult decision" and casually went to bed.  Can't wait for April 7


Booyah! Dad Turns Me On

Well, the title says it all.  We hopped off a plane after a 7 day shitfest in Seattle only to pour ourselves into another bar--the Booyah! Dad CD release.  Because we are truly loved by all, we've had the disc for a couple of months.  But we'd never seen them play....

(this video is rare, you are LUCKY!) super secret Booyah! Dad video

Ginsu Wives to play Sh00gFEST

This band is seriously so badass.  We got to chat with these guys the night we were asked to judge the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase and they were totally cool.  We kept in touch and asked them to play the benefit and luckily they said YES!  So now we're all married and we have babies on the way.  If you've never seen Ginsu before--check this shit out.