Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Schweet Eagellll, keepin' it Schweet

Love having these guys on the bill.  Who doesn't love a sick superband?  I once spent an entire day with Alan Wilkins-Disaster.  Mid day I gave someone my keys and ordered them to, "take my car away, please".  And after they refused and then grudgingly agreed, I let them know that "you break you buy".  Many, many drinks and a "take home burger" later, eaten at Pizza D like a mongrel, of course, I was dropped off at my cozy, warm little girl pad nestled in the nooks of Hillcrest. Only to realize I didn't have my keys because I'd sent someone away in my car and my cellphone was dead because I'm a lucky sonofabitch.  So after sleeping on the front porch for a few hours I woke up cold and hungry.  Like any other brilliant thought thinker I broke out the front window of my house, told my roommate that I'd "weighed my options and had made a sound adult decision" and casually went to bed.  Can't wait for April 7


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